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December 2, 2007

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YourTubeAdvocate 7.2

November 9, 2007

Oprah on the front page of youtube

This week Oprah created a YouTube channel. After only five days of having an account she was made the Guest Editor, taking over the front page features, including featuring three of her own videos. Unheard of for a Guest Editor. And the community took notice.

As the YourTubeAdvocate for the month of November, I created a video utilizing clips from numerous YouTube vloggers, ranging from popular partners to channels with under 500 subscribers. The video was to show a united voice among the active users of the community, and to celebrate YouTube eventually removing Oprah’s featured videos from the front page.

YouTube just spotlighted the video I made in the People & Blogs Category (as seen above). I wrote the category editor to thank him and he replied: “We wanted to acknowledge the community was reacting. I hope the Oprah situation will smooth out soon.” It’s good to know the community is still in control. Viva la resistance!

Click the image above for the full screenshot.

The first video I ever uploaded to LiveVideo is the second Most Viewed video on the entire site today. I had been hearing from a few friends that LiveVideo (LV) was still a relatively small site/community and that placing on the lists was much easier there than on YouTube. So, I took an older video of mine from last month and uploaded it just to see what it’d do. I didn’t embed it anywhere, nor post a single link to it before this blog entry.

While there’s something thrilling about the easy success of moving up the charts there, the site seems to lack everything that makes YouTube what it is. My first video sits there as the second Most Viewed video of the entire day, but hasn’t received a single comment. Where as my upload of the same video on YouTube from last month has received comments from just over eighty different users.

Community counts, as cheesy as that may sound. And I’d rather hang out with lower “Honors” but engaging discussions on YouTube than be commentless and at number one on some other site.

Of course, the only video out ranking mine is from a channel featuring a girl in a bikini, so, at least YouTube can relate there. =)

How To Improve YouTube Category Feature

The video I made two weeks ago entitled “How To Improve YouTube” is spotlighted for the next seven days in the HowTo & DIY Category on YouTube. The video, which includes suggestions compiled from over 100 different YouTubers, has received a bit of attention from both users and YouTube staff.

It’s time to make a few more video responses if you’re interested. You know now you’ll have the ear of YouTube. =) Thanks to both Sadia and Damien for making this happen.