Most Viewed on LiveVideo kinda sorta rocks…

November 3, 2007

Click the image above for the full screenshot.

The first video I ever uploaded to LiveVideo is the second Most Viewed video on the entire site today. I had been hearing from a few friends that LiveVideo (LV) was still a relatively small site/community and that placing on the lists was much easier there than on YouTube. So, I took an older video of mine from last month and uploaded it just to see what it’d do. I didn’t embed it anywhere, nor post a single link to it before this blog entry.

While there’s something thrilling about the easy success of moving up the charts there, the site seems to lack everything that makes YouTube what it is. My first video sits there as the second Most Viewed video of the entire day, but hasn’t received a single comment. Where as my upload of the same video on YouTube from last month has received comments from just over eighty different users.

Community counts, as cheesy as that may sound. And I’d rather hang out with lower “Honors” but engaging discussions on YouTube than be commentless and at number one on some other site.

Of course, the only video out ranking mine is from a channel featuring a girl in a bikini, so, at least YouTube can relate there. =)


One Response to “Most Viewed on LiveVideo kinda sorta rocks…”

  1. Matt Says:

    When you go someplace else you do lose a lot of the community aspect that you get with YT. I think that’s why when I look at sharing videos, other sites (revver, metacafe, brightcove) make more sense for doing the actual sharing. I really do see YT as more of a web 2.0 community, like MySpace or Friendster, than I see it as a video sharing site.

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