YouTube Redesign

October 27, 2007 recently posted a blog entry about an upcoming redesign to their website. They believe the redesign will provide a better user experience. While I do like a lot of the changes they made to the functionality of the site, the new graphic design leaves a lot to be desired.

But that was the point, they posted a preview of the redesign to receive some feedback. So I sent an email addressing some of my biggest concerns. And because I know complaints without solutions or suggestions aren’t very helpful, I also sent along my own redesign of their redesign of the site:

fallofautumndistro's redesign of YouTube dot com

Click the image above for a full resolution version.

I created this image in Macromedia’s Fireworks MX 2004. It took about three hours.

Here’s the email I sent along with the redesign:

Good to see you plan on expanding the Categories into more specific topics, a number of users have been asking for this and I’m very happy to see that addressed, thanks! However, I do have two issues with the preview of the new Videos page.

First, by combining the Videos and Categories pages, the videos Featured in specific categories are now less visible. Category Features are one of the few ways smaller, talented channels are “seen.” Please reconsider, or redesign so that the Category Featured videos are the first to display when viewing this page.

Second, it appears the new Videos page design removed the Featured Channels in each Category. This is also disappointing, as it is yet one less avenue for new or smaller, talented channels.

The drop-down menus are good and they do clean up some of the clutter on the old page. Hope this helps.

If or when YouTube gets back to me about the suggestions/redesign, I will be sure to update this blog entry.


3 Responses to “YouTube Redesign”

  1. Matt Says:

    Great job, Mr. Community Advocate!

    Personally, I think the drop downs are a little old & tired in the world of site design, and I like the functionality of being able to click click and have the category and area I want to see.

  2. nalts Says:

    COol redesign. Do you know how hard it is to look at that without trying to click it?

  3. That’s what I call being constructive!

    Seriously, I like your design. I hope they incorporate it.

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