How To Improve YouTube (suggestions from over 100 YouTubers)

October 20, 2007

I started this project a little over two weeks ago. I posed a simple question to over one hundred different YouTubers; “If you could change anything about, what would it be?”

Some answered in one sentence; others sent me multiple replies as they thought of more and more they’d like to see addressed. The plan was to compile and rank these answers, based on how often each item was mentioned, then present the most popular answers in a video to YouTube.


The five most popular answers given were:

  • Gmail to replace YouTube PMs
  • More subscriber data
  • Comment retooling
  • Additional channel customization options
  • Communication/Promotion issues

For expanded explanations of the above, please take a moment to watch the report video.

Of course, many had really interesting and exciting other ideas. Unfortunately, I wanted to keep the report video to a watchable length and couldn’t include all of them. So I compiled a list here of an additional fifteen suggestions that I thought were interesting:

  • YouTube Instant Messenger
  • Live/Streaming Video (some suggested buying
  • Entering the image code after exceeding the commenting limit should not restart the video that is playing
  • Search functions added to the comments section
  • More active participation in the YouTube Gatherings
  • The ability to flag spamming or obscene channels
  • Move “block user” links away from screenname links in profile comments
  • The star rating system should accurately reflect the ratings, add 1/5th to 4/5th star icons
  • Thumbnail options need to be expanded
  • More specific sub categories for videos (perhaps a system similar to
  • Bring back the “Message Sent” confirmation when PMing
  • Separate email notification options for profile comments and bulletins
  • Redesign the groups for better functionality
  • Higher resolution video and audio (stereo, please!?)
  • A section of downloadable royalty-free music and images, for use in our videos

There were more, but these were all suggestions I could get behind. Not everyone will be able to agree on all features, but by tallying which were mentioned most often from the group I polled, I think this is a good representation of what we’d all like to see.

If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them as comments or video responses on the report video. Or, as always, you can PM me via my YouTube channel:


4 Responses to “How To Improve YouTube (suggestions from over 100 YouTubers)”

  1. nalts Says:

    Great summary. Hopefully they consider these!

  2. fallofautumndistro Says:

    Thanks Nalts, Damien told me he sent this article and the video to their entire product management team and community team. So that’s promising.

  3. EVAN Says:

    I think a great idea would be if youtube had a tool for gathering videos that all were recorded at the same public event eg. concert, rally, etc. I’m sending that tip to the big guys , i wanna see it.

  4. abby2r Says:

    Hey Alan, it’s awesome that you compiled all of this. I agree with almost all of the suggestions. One thing that always bugs me are the video uploads. I never know for sure if it will work/ how long it will take. And a bad upload can take its toll on a video. It’d be cool if they could have some kind of status bar that shows the progress of your video uploads. Ala livevideo I guess. I know that’s pretty nitpicky, but I thought I’d put it out there. Keep up the awesome work man!

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